What’s Your Resolution?

fit-challenge-blogThe Crisp Fit Challenge is on! We’ve partnered with Crowbar Cardio and RunOn! Dallas to help you meet your active lifestyle goals.

During the month of January, dine with us as often as you can for a chance to win a FREE MONTH of classes at Crowbar. Also up for grabs are 5-class packages to Crowbar, as well as RunOn! gift cards and Crisp swag!

To participate, download and register the Crisp Salad Co app from iTunes or Google Play. Then, just make sure you pay for each visit with the app. Prize winners will be notified February 1. See in-store for more details.

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Crewmember Spotlight – Rocio

Rocio-CSRocio has been with us for a few months now – she’s trained on every job that we have, but really kicks butt as a Cashier.  Since she’s so well liked on our team, we figured we’d let y’all know a little more about her too!

Q: How long have you worked at Crisp?
A: I’ve been here four months.

Q: What’s your favorite thing to do at work?
A: I really like cutting grilled corn from the ears.

Q: What’s your favorite salad?
A: I make my own, with Romaine, Crispy Chicken, Onions, Corn, Tomatoes, Pepper Jack, Tortilla Strips, and Buffalo Sauce

Q: What’s one random thing we don’t know about you?
A: I have really small hands!

Q: Where is your favorite place to hang out in Dallas?
A: I like to just walk around Downtown Dallas, especially when the weather is cooler.

Q: What else do you do outside of working at Crisp?
A: I’m in my first semester at Eastville, so I do a lot of homework!

Q: What’s the most overplayed song on your phone?
A: Clocks by Coldplay… I never get tired of that one.

Q: If you were a Signature Salad, which one would you be, and why?
A: HA! I would be the Street Taco, because it’s really popular!

Q: What will you be doing in five years?
A: I will be working as a nurse, which is what I’m going to school for now.

So there you go – next time you see Rocio here, ask her for the “Rocio Special” salad!

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Salads n’ Dragons

We have been thinking of what to say on our blog for about 12 months

Call it writer’s block, fear, #anxiety, etc..  It’s like that weekend to-do list you wrote during lunch at work on Wednesday with the best of intentions.  Then the weekend came, and you’re all like [inner monologue] “well I need to unplug and catch up with friends.  I’ll knock it out on Sunday.  Then Sunday comes, and it’s such a nice day out…so you go for a bike ride and then talk to your mom for an extended session because she wants you to feed the cat, water the plants and call your sister when she and dad are out of town next weekend.  Then it’s time for Game of Thrones, and as always, not nearly enough dragons…”

Have you seen my dragons?
Thus concludes our extended analogy for why it took us 12 months to write our first blog post.

How was it?

Now that we have blog post #1 under our belt, you can expect slightly more frequent posts.  We’ll even talk about salads at some point.  We’ll probably post some [potentially] cool stuff like our crew trying to execute a Maverick-to-Goose High Five

Maverick and Goose High Five
…although that sounds pretty #dangerous.

We know you love music

Because your mom told us how you used to wear out C+C Music Factory in her car on the way to soccer practice.  Just sayin’…

With that said, we would like to provide some insights into what is jamming on our Pandora / Spotify / Napster.  Our Pandora station found its way to Hall & Oates (which we weren’t mad about) – “I Can’t Go for That” (props to H&O for their recent induction into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame, and general awesomeness).

We hope that you CAN go for this blog post!  Too much?

What do you need to hear more of when you come into Crisp?  What is good #saladeatingmusic?

Keep it Crisp,
Crisp Blog Team

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